Please read and familiarize yourself with my studio policies. If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out



Voice lessons are given weekly in 30 minute time frames and are billed by semester at the beginning of the semester (January-May; June-July; or August -December).

New Student Registration fee is $35.

Each student is required to pay a $45 Materials Fee each semester beginning August, 2019. This fee will be billed with the initial tuition bill.

Beginning January of 2019, no students will be accepted under the age of 14. (Those who are already in the studio will be grandfathered in.) This is NOT because I think one needs to be of a certain age to take lessons. Quite the contrary! However, I know myself and my teaching style. I am not the best fit for "dabblers" in voice because I like to go hard core. That's my personality and can't change it. I do best with students who want to work hard and are serious about the craft of singing and acting and who can take on the workload I dish out.  Additionally, I feel my strengths are with teens and adult students and will be specializing in those age groups moving forward. 

POLICIES - Please read carefully. 

Students should attend all lessons.

The voice studio does not operate in conjunction with the public school schedule. Students/parents will receive notice from the studio if lessons are cancelled (which is extremely rare). Students/parents should plan to attend lessons weekly no matter what the public school system schedule is for a particular week.

A MAXIMUM of 3 makeup lessons per term are permitted. In order to be eligible to receive a makeup lesson, the student/parent must cancel THROUGH THE STUDENT PORTAL at least 24 hours in advance.  Any lesson cancelled without 24 hours notice or not cancelled through the student portal will not be made up and the student shall remain financially responsible for the missed lesson.  Any lesson missed after the allowed 3 will not be made up but the student shall remain financially responsible for missed lessons. Students who cancel/reschedule more than 3 times will be placed on probation and may be dropped from the studio.  (Students are encouraged to make a swap with another student in the studio in order to avoid missing a lesson if at all possible)

If the instructor must cancel a lesson the student will receive a makeup lesson or a credit. 

Please do NOT contact the instructor with requests to reschedule. Please use the Student Portal. 

A limited number of makeup lessons slots will be available each semester. Please be advised that NO makeup lessons are provided for cancelled makeup lessons.

Students are expected to commit to at least a semester of study. The spring semester is January through May and students must commit to that time frame. The fall term is August-December and the expectations are the same as in the spring semester. Students may study during June - July based on their availability as well as the instructor's.

Students will be held financially responsible for dropping lessons before the conclusion of the semester.  

No student should arrive more than 5 minutes before his/her scheduled lesson. Students who arrive early may wait outside until their scheduled lesson time and enter my home 5 minutes before their scheduled lesson time.

Students should be picked up no later than 5 minutes after the conclusion of the lesson. A $5 fee will be charged for every 5 minutes of being late. 

Students are expected to be on time.  No extra time will be given for students who arrive late.

Students are expected to bring a recording device to each lesson.

Students will be expected to purchase music for their lessons.

Students are expected to bring a water bottle to each lesson. No coffee, sodas, etc. are allowed in the studio 

Recitals are given 1-2 times per year. The recital fee is $10-$20 per student and goes to pay for accompaniment, venue, and/or other expenses.

Students will require other materials from time to time including music/theory books. These books can be purchased by the instructor and billed to the student/parent or the parent/student can be given information on how to obtain the music/books themselves.

Teacher reserves the right to refuse lessons or drop students for lack of attendance, failure to pay in a timely fashion, or for a poor work ethic.

DISCLAIMER: Vocal injuries are common due to overuse of the speaking voice, incorrect use of the voice, sickness, etc. Vocal injuries can also happen from extra curricular activities such as sports, theatre, etc. If Wendy suspects vocal injury in a student or feels the student is at a high risk for injury, she will refuse lessons to the student until the student consults an otolaryngologist for a vocal health screening. If a referral is made, an appointment should be made with the physician within two weeks.